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Year : (2013) Release Date :7 March 2013 (Serbia) Director : Running Time : 90 min Genre : Comedy, Drama,

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– Falsifikator – Falsifikator movie (2013) is released on 7 March 2013 (Serbia) , The director of Falsifikator Movie (2013) is Goran Markovic. Falsifikator (2013) movie running time is 90 min .
The actor(s) starring Falsifikator Movie are:
Tihomir Stanic ().
Branka Katic ().
Dusan Plavsic ().
Mihailo Stanic ().
Haris Burina ().
Jernej Sugman ().
Svetozar Cvetkovic ().
Natasa Markovic ().
Miodrag Krstovic ().
Petar Mircevski ().
Emir Hadzihafizbegovic ().
Goran Navojec ().
Sergej Trifunovic ().
Drazen Pavlovic ().
Momo Picuric ().

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Falsifikator (2013) Movie Story:

Our story takes place at the end of the 1960s. This is the time of the collapse of the ideals of a more just and honorable life brought into prominence by students worldwide in the great rebellion in 1968 and of the beginning of the end of an equally grand illusion called Yugoslavia. Andjelko is the principal of a middle school in a small Bosnian place Dubica. He believes in Yugoslavia and worships its leader Josip Broz Tito. Andjelko, however, has one serious fault: he is a forger, he makes forged school diplomas. He does not do this out of self-interest, but because he is a staunch philanthropist. One day, a neighbor for whom Andjelko forged the leather-working school diploma, in order to take revenge on the local veterinarian, reports to the police that this one too has Andjelko’s diploma. Our hero is, therefore, forced to flee to the big city. He lives there illegally, at the harborers of outlaws for whom he once forged diplomas. But one day, Andjelko runs into his schoolmate … Written by Anonymous

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Categories: Comedy, Drama

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